What would the Titans starting 11 look like?

In case you missed it, the Tennessee Titans pulled off one of the most improbable comebacks, and started a new wave of 21-3 jokes, this past weekend when they beat the Kansas City Chiefs 22-21 to advance to the divisional round of the AFC playoffs.

As the Titans began to secure their victory, the gears started turning. I was curious, “what would the Titans starting 11 look like if they were a soccer team?” So, I decided to attempt and pan out how the boys in sky blue lined up if they took on a different kind of football. Here’s what I came up with.


Goalkeeper: For the goalie, I had to go with the guy who has the surest hands on the team. Makes sense, right? Walker is not only one of the most reliable tightends in the AFC as a safety blanket, but he also could take up a lot of the goal with his 248 pound frame.

Defenders: It was tough choosing between Walker and Kevin Byard in goal, but because of his ball-hawking ability, I decided to go with Byard in defense as a center back. He would make the box a no-fly zone similar to what he does in the secondary. You can make an argument that anyone in the Titans linebacker core could fill in back there as well, but I ultimately went with Woodyard and Orakpo because of their play-making consistency and experience.

Midfielders: Does anyone want to challenge a midfield that has Jurrell Casey and Taylor Lewan in the middle as the enforcers? Didn’t think so. Lewan backs down from no one, and that nastiness he brings on every snap would be great for a midfielder position who has to challege for the ball on a regular basis. Adoree’ Jackson and Rishard Matthews as somewhat outside midfielders makes sense due to, you know, their speed. Jackson making runs down the flanks would especially be a problem. We saw flashes of what he could do

Forwards: Marcus Mariota has said before that playing soccer when he was younger played a big role in his athletic ability, so putting him up top as a distributor was a no-brainer. Kicker Ryan Succop obviously has to make the list, but he’s not just a big foot. Listed at 6 foot 3 inches, Succop could also challege for balls in the air with his height. Henry would obviously be a force in the air as well because of his size, and would be the perfect forward to hold up the ball and shield defenders while others around him making overlapping runs.

Do you another formation in mind? Let’s hear it!



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