Will Nashville SC sign any players from its local tryout?

135 soccer players gathered at Montgomery Bell Academy Saturday in hopes of realizing their dreams of playing professional soccer, as Nashville SC hosted its open tryouts for local, regional, and internationl players to showcase their talents.

The question now is, will Nashville SC make a move and sign any of these players who showed up? Nashville SC head coach Gary Smith, who is no stranger to these tryouts, expressed what he was looking for. He wanted to see if individuals possessed some physicality, athleticism, and technical skill to make the cut.

“I enjoyed this. There’s a lot of talent here.” said Smith,

“We’re looking for players that have potential. Not neccesarily individuals who have experience in the USL or above, but ones who have ability, a future, and potential.”

The club now has two weeks to make additional signings and get some practices in before the long-awaited preseason game vs. Atlanta United. Smith already has an idea of what kind of formation he wants to implement with his squad, which currently has 23 players signed.

“I know exactly what I want to do and how I’m going to play,” said Smith,

“I’m sure, as the games unfold, I’ll have put a side out that reflects how we’re going to play. It’s not going to be a secret. So we’ll be planning and training in the way we want to move forward. I’m delighted with the opposition we have in preseason. The group is going to need some games where it doesn’t go our way, and that’s the only way to learn.”

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