Reddit reacts to Nashville SC’s draw with New York Red Bulls II

Yesterday, I was out and about kayaking. So as you can imagine, I wasn’t able watch Nashville SC’s 1-1 draw against New York Red Bulls II.

Luckily, we live in 2018, where information regarding an event is easily digested and can be reacted to within a second for millions to consume. So, like many of the things in my life, I decided to turn to Reddit and the official thread for this match to get some clarity on how this thing panned out.

Here are my findings.

Clearly, this comment is in response to Ropapa Mensah’s goal scored mere minutes into the match when the Red Bulls back line fell asleep with the ball. It’s nice to see Mensah becoming a threat to opposing defenses and being able to finish in front of goal when an opportunity like this presents itself.

Ok, what’s next?

So after perusing through social media after my expedition, it seems like this game wasn’t a top priority for those in the Harrison, New Jersey area. The attendance number says there were 652 at the stadium, but those can sometimes be grossly inflated.

I honestly can’t fault them, though. I’m not sure there was burning desire for Red Bulls fans to come out and watch their USL team when New York City is about 30 minutes away when there’s a million other things to do on a Sunday afternoon in the city. Not saying it’s not important to them, but I just don’t think it ranks fairly high in the hierarchy of things to do in that area.


So Nashville could have easily won this game with multiple chances in the final minutes, and for most of the second half as well. The best chance came with two minutes to go in regulation on this brilliant through ball that led to a shot that hit the post.

Hair-pulling, indeed.


A fair point. With nine total shots and eight inside the box, Nashville looks like it really put the Red Bulls on their heels. Hopefully, we’ll soon stop regurgitating the notion of “the goals will come,” and the three points will begin to add up for this club still searching for consistent offensive footing.

“We’re still trying to find our identity and certainly trying to build on the experiences that we have,” said Nashville SC coach Gary Smith.

“The first half I thought New York were terrific. They played at a great pace and asked a lot of questions of us. What I was most pleased about was our reaction at halftime. We looked resilient and showed aptitude and created multiple opportunities to win the game. Unfortunately, our biggest problem is hitting the back of the net. We did a marvelous job of holding a dangerous team to just one goal, but we leave with mixed emotions.”

Nashville can now turn its attention to a Mother’s Day date with Louisville City FC at First Tennessee Park, as the boys in gold look to avenge the 2-0 loss at the beginning of the season.